This may not seem a lot to many of you but it makes me so happy that this many people chose to follow my blog, especially as I’m really new here and still learning. Thank you to each follower, I appreciate it very much! And hopefully I will continue to grow as a blogger and […]

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Hey everyone! My blog is still just over one week old but it already feels like I’ve been blogging for ages – it’s already becoming second nature. I would still appreciate some feedback though as I’m still technically a newbie, unless you count my tumblr blog that I had at like 12 years old. I […]

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Hey everyone! I’ve been working on a rough blog post schedule to kickstart my blog. Obviously it will be impossible and not to mention boring to stick to such a rigid and repetitive schedule, but these are my ideas for the time being and I will definitely try to stick by this. Let me know […]

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